Videography & Motion Graphics

Below are examples of some of the many types of video work I’ve produced, including projects that feature a heavy motion-graphics/animation component.


– Shock Top Beer Mural Promo – 

I took this project from concept to completion and performed all filming and editing.


– TrialPad iPad App Promo –

Another project in which I performed all filming and all editing including the minor motion graphics. This is one of a series of similar videos I created for this client.


– AKA Logo Animation –

Even though projects that follow are more sophisticated and include motion graphics elements, I wanted to showcase my animation/After Effects skills early in this list. Here’s an animation I created from scratch for AKA Media, Inc.


– Solar-Power Convention Video –

In this instance, the client provided me with raw video and asked me to edit it and add motion graphics.


– American Academy of Dermatology SAM14 Promo –

In this instance, the client provided me with raw video and asked me to edit it and add motion graphics.


– Restaurant Promo Photo Montage Video –

A simple but effective promo video created using still photography. I did the photography and all editing/motion graphics.


– The Murals of East Village –

In this instance, I took the project from concept to completion, shooting all video and doing all editing.



– American Academy of Dermatology 2014 Voting Campaign –


Here I created the opening and closing animations and edited provided video appearing between the animations.


– Animated Commercials – 

Here are two animations where I took provided image assets and created the following commercials from them.



– Video With Significant After Effects Enhancements –

The video below shows examples of my work mixing objects created in After Effects with video of actual scenes, in this case primarily street scenes in Singapore as much of this footage and the After Effects work was created for a presentation to the Singaporean government.  While much of the After Effects work is quite obvious, other aspects are quite subtle … for example, the Chinese lanterns swaying in the breeze near the end of the video aren’t real, but were created entirely using After Effects.